Advanced Video-Based Research

Expertise, Consulting, and Training in Digital Humanities

Continuous Support
throughout a project's life.
Consultancy and training
in English, French or/and arabic

We offer professional expertise by conducting in-depth video-based practices

Field Engineering

We assess the feasibility of implementing the video-based approach within your projects. Our expertise involves identifying optimal field design, taking into account various constraints and aligning it with a project's analytical goals, including fields, equipment, documents, and legal consent forms.

Data Collection and Archival Practices

We supply all the necessary equipment for data collection throughout the entire field-related phase, and we assist in data collection at every step. Additionally, we offer editing and develop an archival solution for your data, culminating in a final product to facilitate the project's execution.

Developing Analytical Solutions

Leveraging our expertise in utilizing a diverse range of Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS), we engage in discussions to identify and select the most suitable CAQDAS for your specific project requirements. Subsequently, we develop a comprehensive methodological plan tailored to your analysis needs, employing the chosen software for effective research practices.

Delivering Expertise

We collaborate with you to produce outcomes and insights regarding specific professional practices.

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