Welcome to our Consultancy Services for Video-Based Research in Humanities and Education. We are your partners in navigating the intricate terrain of video-based research, providing expertise to guide you through the key phases of your project: field engineering and data collection, data editing and archiving, and data analysis with Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS), and generation of results. Our consultancy services are designed to empower you to conduct robust research, adapt methodologies effectively, and produce insightful results.

Our Consultancy Services:

1. Field Engineering and Data Collection:

  • Tailored Methodology Development: We collaborate with you to craft a research methodology that seamlessly integrates video-based data collection into your project’s objectives.
  • Selecting the Right Tools: Choosing the most appropriate equipment and software for video data collection is critical. We provide guidance on choosing the right tools for your specific research needs.
  • Data Collection Protocols: Develop comprehensive protocols for data collection, ensuring that your fieldwork captures the necessary information efficiently and effectively.

2. Data Editing and Archiving:

  • Data Cleaning and Structuring: We assist in preparing your video data for analysis by cleaning and structuring it. This includes tasks such as timestamping, coding, and metadata management.
  • Archiving Best Practices: Ensure the longevity and accessibility of your valuable video data through proper archiving strategies and standards.

3. Data Analysis with CAQDAS:

  • CAQDAS Selection: Determining the most suitable CAQDAS software for your project is crucial. We help you identify the software that aligns with your research goals.
  • Methodological Alignment: We help you align your chosen CAQDAS software with your research methodology, streamlining your data analysis process. Thus ensuring a smooth integration of technology and methodology.
  • CAQDAS Training: Our experts provide training in various CAQDAS tools, enabling you to harness their full potential for data analysis.

4. Data Analysis and Reporting:

  • Interpretation and Insight: We guide you in interpreting your data analysis results accurately, ensuring that your findings are grounded and insightful.
  • Visual Representation: We assist in creating impactful visuals and reports to effectively communicate your research findings to your target audience.
  • Effective Communication: Transform your research into impactful reports and presentations.

Ready to enhance your video-based research projects or have questions about our consultancy services?  Reach out to us today!