Dr. Zeynab Badreddine, Ph.D., M.Ed., M.A., serves as the founder and CEO of Advanced Video-Based Research (AVBRE) with a background in Science Education and specialized expertise in complex data engineering within the fields of Education and Humanities. Her professional interests encompass:

  • Complex Video Data Engineering: Dr. Badreddine focuses on the utilization of complex video data for research purposes. Her work encompasses various aspects, including data collection, archiving, editing, sharing, analysis, and publication, primarily within engineering research fields.
  • Classroom Discourse and Teaching-Learning Processes: Dr. Badreddine’s research interests extend to the examination of classroom discourse and the teaching-learning processes within mathematics and science classrooms, spanning from K-12 to university levels.

Her multidisciplinary background has facilitated the development of advanced methodological and technical expertise in Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS), including tools like Transana, N-VIVO, ATLAS-TI, QDAminer, Elan, Praat, etc.

Dr. Badreddine has cultivated a global network of contacts within diverse research disciplines. Since 2006, she has been actively engaged in the academic community, delivering lectures, seminars, and training sessions, as well as contributing to research projects worldwide, including in countries such as the USA, France, Lebanon, Canada, Switzerland, and more. Additionally, she has played a role in supervising and conducting multiple research theses at the master’s level.