Zeynab Badreddine, Ph.D., founder, and CEO of Advanced Video-Based Research (AVBRE), is a researcher in Science Education and a specialist in complex data engineering in Education and Social and Human Sciences. Her main interests are:

  • complex video data engineering for research which involve engineering fields of research, collecting, archiving, editing, sharing, analyzing and publishing complex data.
  • the study of the classroom discourse and the teaching and learning process in mathematics and sciences classrooms K-12 and universities.
    Her inter/multidisciplinary background enabled her to construct advanced methodological and technical knowledge in CAQDAS (Transana, N-VIVO, ATLAS-TI, QDAminer, Elan, …).
    Zeynab has several contacts with worldwide researchers in multiple disciplines.
    She has been giving lectures, seminars, and training sessions and participating in research projects since 2006 worldwide (USA, France, Lebanon, Canada, Switzerland, etc.). She has also conducted and supervised several research theses at the master’s level.